ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - YouTube 


Here’s my challenge I nominate Amy Poehler


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why do the best things happen in the little squares in every parks gag reel?

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Mean Girls Reunion on EW 


They are making a reunion photoshoot!!
Aaaahhhh, gimme the issue now!!

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R.I.P. Dominick George “Don” Pardo [February 22,1918 - August 18,2014]

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Anonymous said: what is your icon a picture of?

Leslie and Ben laughing in front of a photocopier! It was for an Entertainment Weekly shoot.

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Happy 41st Birthday to the talented Kristen Carroll Wiig!!
(born August 22nd, 1973 )

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sassy & bitchy

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Anonymous said: Where can I see the photo shoot from your icon? I love it so much!!

It was for entertainment weekly, I don’t remember where I got them! But if you come off of anon I can email them to ya! :)

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Amy Poehler as an art guru in a new Old Navy ad (x)

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